Dominican Republic

Please pray for the Christ Church partnership in the Dominican Republic. Click here for an inspirational prayer video.

 The eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, shared with Haiti.

Population: 10,225,482

Christ Church has partnered with Food for the Hungry to serve in the Dominican Republic in the community of El Tamarindo.

Pray For:

  • Literacy of the younger generations. That the children would learn to read and write so they have brighter futures, options for further education and employment, and will also be able to read and teach the Bible.
  • Men to take strong leadership roles in the lives of their families; become present in the lives of their children.
  • Women to support and encourage their families and each other. That broken families to be healed.
  • Sex-trafficking will be fought against and purity taught.
  • “The Promise” abstinence education program, to be embraced by the 52 communities where it is being introduced.
  • Community leaders to be effective and equipped moving forward with building a community center.
  • The community to take advantage of entrepreneurship education and vocational training.
  • Leaders to be raised up. God’s Word to be spread and churches to be planted. The desire to see spiritual growth increase.