Under the cover of night, Nicodemus went to Jesus in order to get answers to his questions.

We all have questions, and getting the answers to those questions is an integral part of working out our faith. Asked & Answered is a new podcast designed to give you a way to ask the weighty, wild and weird questions of Christianity, the Bible, faith, life - whatever you want to ask our pastors, ministry leaders and guests.

You can ask your questions on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@ccgf01) or you can drop us a line on our website form below. We even have an option for you to ask anonymously if that’s your thing.

Asked & Answered - your show for your questions.

*Asked & Answered podcast coming soon! We are compiling the questions and will release the first episode in the fall of 2019.

The Podcast Team

L to R:  Thomas Barry, Videographer/Editor; Michele Bender, producer; Ed Sciulli, producer/host