AMPED Sundays – Christ Church at Grove Farm

AMPED Sundays

Sunday, March 22

This weeks bible study with Gideon Manges.

David and Bathsheba from Gideon Manges on Vimeo. 2 Samuel 11-12


Main Ideas

1. Without God, our sin is never just a one and done action, but always leads to more sin.

2. God loves us so much that He seeks us out to call us out of our sin and into repentance.

3. God will always forgive and restore us when we turn to Him and repent and confess

After watching the video discuss and answer these questions

Discussion Questions

1. What do we mean by saying “sin is not one and done?” How can you see this in your own life?

2. How did God seek out David?

3. Where do we see redemption in David’s life?

4. How is redemption related to repentance?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for Your abundant mercy and love! We confess our sin and shortcomings.

Please, wash us clean from our sin. Clean out my heart and forgive me of my sin. Create

in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Let me be joyful because You

have saved me. Give me the desire to serve You. Thank you Lord for your mercy and for

forgiving us when we turn to you.

In Jesus name,