Our High School Ministry Team is a group of dedicated adults that are committed to ministering to the teenagers within our program. This team is fantastic. They give of their lives, their time and their talents each and every week.


Rev. Doug Raraigh
Pastor to High School Students


  • Eric Besoiu - 9th grade guys small group
  • Millie Weaver - 9th grade girls small group
  • Ben Follett - 10th grade guys small group
  • Kim Uccellini - 10th grade girls small group
  • Sam Dobrotka - 11th grade guys small group
  • Kirsten Smythe - 11th grade girls small group
  • Isaac Meck - 12th grade guys small group
  • Jenn Hoffman - 12th grade girls small group
  • Spencer Te'o - Youth Band
  • Donna Hudson - Breakfast Club
  • Bethany Raraigh - High School Ministry Support
  •  Dr. Therone Wade Sr. - High School Ministry Support