The Weekend to Remember ® Getaway
The daily challenges of life–jobs, kids, activities, and errands–have a way of overwhelming a marriage. Before you know it, other things are taking more priority above what's most important: your spouse and family.  FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember marriage getaway is your chance to make a change.

The difference between a good marriage and a great one is hard work. FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage getaway offers couples biblical wisdom and a safe environment to work on your marriage, free from distractions. No spilling your guts to strangers. No mumbo jumbo. Just the one-on-one focus you and your spouse (or future spouse) need to thrive, today and 10 years from today.

The attention you give your marriage now pays dividends for the future. For more than 35 years, FamilyLife has helped couples invest in the legacies of their marriage. And more than a million couples have used their time at the Weekend to Remember to build a solid foundation for the rest of their lives together. We invite you to do the same.


  • “Before this weekend we were on our last leg and until the writing the love letter, I was closed off because I thought he was thinking this was dumb, but after the letter he said “I’m here” and it was like I opened up and told myself that I will make a change.”
  • “Coming to this weekend I had a heart of stone. My husband and I were business partners living in the same house and poor partners at best. This weekend has ignited my marriage and gave me a new heart and new hope for my marriage. I can say I still do and mean it”



Weekend To Remember from FamilyLife® on Vimeo.