“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” ~ Proverbs 31:8-9 KJV ~

This January, the March for Life will continue to play a critical role in building a culture of life. Perhaps as never before, changes in our culture and ongoing revelations about the practices of Planned Parenthood have given us an incessant sense of urgency to stand up for life. Furthermore, our newly elected leaders have pledged to uphold the Hyde Amendment and to appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices! With our new President Donald Trump, there is a rising sense of hope and optimism surrounding the Pro-Life issue. We encourage each member of CCGF to take advantage of this unique, can’t-miss opportunity to witness for life in a tangible way.

In stark contrast, the president of Planned Parenthood --- furious that pro-abortion nominee and ally Hillary Clinton lost the election --- previously posted a picture of Planned Parenthood online with the caption, “These Doors Stay Open.” And the abortion lobby is reporting record-breaking levels of fundraising in the wake of the election. As you can see, our fight is far from over.

We believe that the Church is called, “ for such a time as this,” to stand with the suffering and the perishing, and with a united voice to call upon our government to stop the taking of innocent life from the place where it should be most protected - its own mother's womb. Since its inception, Roe v. Wade has seen more than 57 million Americans systematically removed from our midst. This great tragedy is certainly one that we dare not remain silent about before a just God. The March for Life is an appropriate means through which we can make our voices heard as we join with hundreds of thousands in a peaceful but powerful protest to declare unequivocally that no matter how long it takes; we will stand for the voiceless. Please plan now, register today and commit to joining us as we stand, march and pray for those who cannot.

The March for Life will be held on Friday, January 19, 2018.

Christ Church will once again be travelling to Washington, DC, for the annual March for Life. If this event is new to you, the March offers a rare opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens, as we take a visibly powerful stand for the sanctity of human life. If you have children, the March for Life provides a tremendous real-life lesson in civic privilege and responsibility!

We will gather inside our Christ Church Minton Commons for “check in” between 6:00 and 6:15 am on Friday, January 19th. Our bus will depart promptly at 6:30 am. We expect to return to Christ Church at approximately 10:30 pm. Please check the weather forecast for the Washington DC area and dress accordingly; comfortable shoes are a must as you will be on your feet for about 4-5 hours.

The bus will only make 15-minute comfort stops for bathroom breaks and to stretch. Please pack sufficient lunch/dinner items and snacks to eat on the bus. If you would like to purchase dinner for the way home, you may do so at the Air and Space Museum cafe, where we will meet at the end of the March, prior to boarding the bus for the trip home. Again, all meals will be eaten on the bus.

Cost is $45 per person, and includes colorful cap, water and light snacks.

Scholarships are available, so please don't let cost be a hindrance to your attendance. Also, a maximum rate for larger families is offered when you register.

If you are an adult, please use the registration form below. Once your online registration has been completed, you will receive an email containing instructions for our day together. Please save these for future reference. 

There is a special youth rate of $15 each. Youth:  Fill out the online registration form below and download a permission form to be signed by your parents. Bring the signed permission form with you the day of the March. 

CCGF March For Life Coordinator: Pat Blauth pblauth@ccgf.org 412-741-4900 x-162