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June 24-29, 2019

This summer, our High School Ministry (9-12 grade) will travel back to Philadelphia, PA to reach out to others with the Life-Saving message of Jesus Christ! We want to provide a trip where students will have the opportunity to look outside of themselves and to serve in the name of Jesus, build relationships with those we will be meeting there, and find opportunities to share the Gospel. Our trip to Philly will also give the students exposure to people who are less fortunate than them, and hopefully they will gain a greater appreciation for the many blessings God has given them.

Our vision for this mission trip is to bring home students who have been challenged spiritually and have grown dramatically closer to God by serving Him and His people in Philadelphia.  We want students to share their love of Jesus through their speech, thoughts, and actions.  This is all about growing the kingdom of God through service.  Our prayer is that these students’ lives will be changed by the difference that they make in other people’s lives in the name of Jesus.


9-12 Grade Students. June 24-29, 2019.
Cost: $675. Deposit: $175

PHILLY ’19 is hosted by M-Fuge, a very reputable para-church organization. M-Fuge combines elements of Evangelism Training, hands-on Mission Experiences, and evening Worship and Teaching in cities across the United States. Students and adults have the opportunity to choose between various ministry tracks. This is a very unique experience. Most mission trips for young people only offer two forms of service; construction and working with children. Although these trips definitely make a big difference, it can be difficult for individuals whose passions and abilities thrive in other areas of service. M-Fuge offers five different types of service opportunities on their trips:

Social Ministry: Serving in Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and working with the Mentally Challenged and Elderly
Children's Ministry: Serving in Boys and Girls Clubs, Local church Kids’ Programs, and Vacation Bible Schools
Games and Recreation: Using Games and Sports to build relationships and lead Bible Studies in City Parks or Local YMCA’s
Painting, Construction and Yard-work: Serving the Community to complete projects for those who are not capable of doing so
Homeless Ministries: Working with the Homeless through various Programs for Adults and Children and leading Bible Studies in local Homeless Shelters

Housing arrangements are quite accommodating and secure. We will be staying in the dorms of Eastern University, a Private Christian School, about a half hour north of the city in King of Prussia and eating breakfast and dinner in their dining hall. In the mornings, students are trained how to share their faith to the people they will encounter in Philly – they will also learn about the specific locations they will be visiting, the people there, and the needs they have. From 10am-5pm, students will serve in their ministry tracks throughout the city of Philadelphia. In the evening, back at Eastern University, students experience Large-Group Worship with challenging Guest Speakers, camp-wide Fellowship Activities and Small Group Time with our church group.


By Sunday, January 27, 2019, a non-refundable deposit of $175 and a Philly ‘19 Missions Registration/Covenant (DOWNLOAD HERE or in the FORMS DOWNLOADS below. You may also skip the physical form and check payment by REGISTERING AND PAYING ONLINE) are due in order to attend. This will secure your spot on the trip as space is limited. The remainder of the cost for your Mission Trip will be your responsibility to raise the funds. We will help you do this:

Each year, most of the funds for our Youth Ministry Mission Trips have been raised through the writing of support letters by students, social media posts, and personal conversations. In addition, Students in the past have innovated other ways to raise funds: Their families have put on sales for sub sandwiches, homemade jewelry, yard sales, and the like. Some families decide to pay for the trip themselves.
In the Bible, we read about Jesus sending his follower to be missionaries to the surrounding towns and minister to them just as He is sending us to Philadelphia this summer. Jesus gave many instructions to these early missionaries, and he taught them not to be ashamed in asking for a place to sleep and food to eat. Jesus said this to them:

Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Luke 10:7

Luke himself was funded by Theophilis to learn and report all he can about Jesus Christ and the first church. We would not have the largest contribution to the New Testament, The Books of Luke and Acts, if it was not for Theophilis’ generous funding to Luke’s mission.

When we ask others to partner with us financially in ministry, we give them an opportunity to be blessed by God. Someone may not be able to travel with us to Philly, but their dollars can, and this gives them an opportunity to experience the fruit that you will experience while you are there. We are asking you to take a risk and share your story with the people around you, your family, and your friends. We hope that you can share with family and friends (maybe even strangers or neighbors) about the trip, the life changing opportunity, and what you are about to do for God this summer. Ask them if they would be willing to partner with you and help fund your decision to go and make a difference in others’ lives. Do you know someone that would be willing to give $5 to help you go? Do you know someone who would be willing to give $100 to help you go?

A Fundraising Packet, including sample letters and online giving instructions will be given in February to those who have registered to help students raise the funds needed. In addition, there will be a dedicated webpage of our website for the most up to date info on the trip and online giving: for more info and to give online. This webpage will make it extremely easy to give quickly and efficiently, to track where students are in the raising of their funds, and as every gift (including those from parents) is tax deductible, this website will make it extremely easy for those who gave to receive year-end tax documents.

Here is a breakdown of the payment calendar for the trip. These are amounts you need to have raised by each specific date below:

PHILLY ’19 | COST: $675
•1/27/19: $175 (Deposit)
•4/07/19: $250
•5/19/19: $250 (Final Payment)

*These dates have been chosen and dollar amounts have been assigned to represent the amounts Christ Church will have to pay out to various organizations (like van rental or payment to the organization who is hosting our trip) throughout the spring. As a consequence, any cancellation after each date listed may result in the forfeit of those amounts to compensate for the moneys forwarded by Christ Church. Parents of students attending will be responsible for whatever funds left over that have not been raised by May 19, 2019.


Later in the Spring, there will be an additional packet of information given to the students and their families about this trip. This will include detailed information about departure and arrival times, our travel plans, schedules for each day, what to pack, and so on. M-Fuge usually sends each church this information for us to build on by late March, early April. Included in this packet will be an “M-FUGE Release Form.” This form will need to be notarized (we usually organize a notary at the church for forms to be notarized free of charge) and turned in with the final payment on May 19, 2019.

I have been a witness to so many students' lives being forever changed by this Mission Trip! This will be my twelfth trip with M-Fuge, my fifth with Christ Church at Grove Farm. My hope is that you will prayerfully consider as a family sending your High Schooler on this trip with us. This will be an experience that will be remembered; challenging and empowering students to be world-changers with all that they will learn. Please contact me with any questions about the trip – I love to talk about it! Send me an email, we can even set up a meeting in person or by phone.

Yours Because of Him,
Doug Raraigh – High School Pastor