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HSM DR Slide Meeting Dates


This summer, our High School Ministry will travel to El Tamarindo, Dominican Republic, on Mission! This trip will be lead by Rev. Doug Raraigh and three other adult leaders from the High School Ministry Team. This will be an amazing opportunity for High School Students to partner with the existing mission of Christ Church in El Tamarindo. During the trip, teens will be able to serve in several areas of mission as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of El Tamarindo:

•Vacation Bible School for the Children
•Biblical Teaching on Purity for the Teens
•Community Visits and Biblical Teaching for the Adults
•Light Work and Construction Projects

Our Meeting/Training Dates have been set. It is extremely important you attend these meeting if you are attending the trip! Please see the dates below:

  • SUNDAY, MAY 20: Introduction to the DR Mission Trip | How to share your story | Work teams | Begin preparations on VBS
  • SUNDAY, MAY 27: Learning about the Culture of El Tamarindo and the struggles they face with Rev. Jamie Kendrew | More info about our work projects | Continued Preparations on VBS
  • SUNDAY, JUNE 3: How/What to pack (very important as there are dress codes and certain items you will need to bring) with Missions Director Kathy Klein | Rough Schedule of the week in the DR | Training on The Promise, sharing with the teens of the town | Finalize Final Paperwork
  • SUNDAY, JUNE 10: Finalize all details | Pack bags of gear we will be taking with us | Finalize all Missions work, Schedule, and VBS
    This is not a complete list - but it will give you a sense of how important it will be to attend these trainings/meetings

Make sure to Download the TESTIMONY TOOL and THE PROMISE WORKBOOK below in the Download Section. You will need to complete them before attending our first meeting on May 20.


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