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June 14-20, 2020 

This summer, our High School Ministry (9-12 grade) will travel to Charleston, SC to reach out to others with the Life-Saving message of Jesus Christ! We want to provide a trip where students will have the opportunity to look outside of themselves, to serve in the name of Jesus, build relationships with those we will be meeting there, and find opportunities to share the Gospel. Our trip to Charleston will also give the students exposure to people who are less fortunate than them, and hopefully gain a greater appreciation for the many blessings God has given them.

Our vision for this mission trip is to bring home students who have been challenged spiritually and have grown dramatically closer to God by serving Him and His people in Charleston. We want students to share their love of Jesus through their speech, thoughts, and actions. This is all about growing the kingdom of God through service. Our prayer is that these students’ lives will be changed by the difference that they make in other people’s lives in the name of Jesus.


CHARLESTON 2020 is hosted by M-Fuge, a very reputable para-church organization owned and operated by Lifeway Ministries. Our High School Ministry has partnered with M-Fuge for 7 years. Doug, our Pastor to High School Students, has been taking students on Mission with M-Fuge for over a decade. M-Fuge combines elements of Evangelism Training, hands-on Mission Experiences, and evening Worship and Teaching in cities across the United States. Students and adults have the opportunity to choose between various ministry tracks. This is a very unique experience. Most mission trips for young people only offer two forms of service; construction and working with children. Although these trips definitely make a big difference, it can be difficult for individuals whose passions and abilities thrive in other areas of service. M-Fuge offers various different types of Missions opportunities on their trips. In Charleston, there are six Missions Tracks are available to choose from:

  • Children's Ministry: Serving in Boys and Girls Clubs, Local church Kids’ Programs, and Vacation Bible Schools. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children (and their families) who have never stepped foot in a church have never met Jesus before.
  • Games and Recreation: Using Games and Sports to build relationships and lead Bible Studies in City Parks, Local YMCA’s, and on the Beach. By building relationships through sports, we earn the right to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who we encounter.
  • Painting, Construction and Yardwork: Serving the Community to complete projects for those who are not capable of doing so. By serving them, we earn the right to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them: with our actions first, then our words.
  • Special Needs Ministries: Working with children and young people with various special needs and mental handicap through various Programs. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them and leading them in ways to discover God’s Word through unique, hands-on experiences.
  • Evangelism: Building relationships with others through various connection points that M-Fuge sets up along the way, we will have the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will have the opportunity to share our testimony, our story of how God has transformed us into a new creation through His Son, Jesus Christ – and – we will have an opportunity to share God’s Story, the Life-Saving, Life-Changing message of Jesus Christ
  • Social Ministry: Serving in Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and working with the Elderly. This ministry track allows us to make a real difference in the community we will be living in for the week by working in the various community outreaches and programs previously established by churches and parachurch programs.

Housing arrangements are quite accommodating and secure. We will be staying in the dorms of Charleston Southern University, a Private Christian School. We will be eating our meals there as well. You can take a quick look at CSU by viewing this YouTube video: .

From 11am-5pm, students will serve in their Missions Tracks throughout Charleston, SC. Our church will be broken up into different tracks based on our student’s choosing, but there will be a handful of our students and one of our adult leaders in each Missions Track.

In the evening, back at CSU, students experience Large-Group Worship with the worship leader for the week: Allison Helms. They will be challenged and encouraged by God’s Word through the message given by the Pastor for the week: Jonathan Denton. Later into the evening, our church group will enjoy organized Fellowship Activities and Small Group Time together.

I have been a witness to so many students’ lives being forever changed by our Mission Trips with M-Fuge! This will be my 13th trip with M-Fuge, my 7th with Christ Church at Grove Farm. I am so very excited about this next trip we are taking together to share the life saving, life changing message of Jesus Christ with others! This will be an experience that will be remembered; challenging and empowering students to be world-changers with all that they will learn. 

Yours Because of Him,

 Doug Raraigh – High School Pastor


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