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For Parents

What if the church partnered with parents to minister to teenagers and bring them up with a solid foundation of Biblical Values? That is what the High School Ministry of Christ Church at Grove Farm is all about. Our desire is to build strong relationships between parents and our staff and volunteers to better disciple teenagers.  


Having Trouble getting your child to Youth Group?

This is a battle that many parents face. It’s tough to be new, and we fear what we may not understand. Will I make friends there? Will they be weird? Will it be fun? We have helped dozens of parents walk through this journey with their kids and would be happy to help you make a battle plan to integrate your child into our family. Just contact us.

One of our parents who has walked this journey herself wrote an open letter as a resource others who may be fighting this battle. Read the letter by CLICKING HERE.

Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

Our Ministry partners with Walt Mueller and the CPYU to better understand teens and the culture they live in. We want to help you be the best parents you can be by providing all of the resources we are learning from. Please visit to take a look at their resources. Then, let’s meet together to learn from each other and partner with each other to take your children further!

Some Advice about Social Networking

Gone are the days of Facebook for teenagers. If you need help navigating the world of teens and their phones, please contact our High School Pastor to set-up a meeting. In addition, this article doesn’t discuss all there is to know, but it’s a good place to start: CLICK HERE

We want to Know you Better

How well do you know our High School Ministry Staff? We want to know the best ways we can partner with you and help you as parents. Let us get to know you better. Can you meet for coffee, lunch, a meeting in our offices or yours? Please contact us and let us know how we can help you!


The Parent (e)Letter is our weekly/biweekly email newsletter for parents of High School Students. Within the (e)Letter, you will find information about our weekly programs and upcoming events. However, parents can also discover tools and resources to discuss what we teach in a deeper way with their teen at home. To sign up to receive this email newsletter once to twice a month, CLICK HERE.

Facebook Page: Be sure to follow our Facebook Page for up to date info!


Throughout the year, we host several events specifically for parents. We advertise these events on our High School Ministry Info Page along with our other events specifically for students.