HIGH SCHOOL DAUGHTERS: It is something we don't often think about - and a bit sad to think about as well. But, sooner or later, you will be graduating High School and on your way to becoming your own woman. As a dad, I can testify that your dad will always be there for you...even into your adult life. But the precious moments between the two of you might become further and farther between. We want to provide you an opportunity to take your dad out on a date. The Daddy Daughter Dance will be a wonderful evening with dinner, dancing, professional portraits with just you and your dad, and some other magical moments as well. Invite your dad out on a date on Friday, February 16 from 6:30-8:30pm. Seats are selling fast, so tell him to go online and register today!

HIGH SCHOOL GUYS: The daddy daughter dance is an amazing opportunity for you to be selfless and serve the young ladies of your youth group, your church, and their dads. The Daddy Daughter Dance depends on much of our high school guys being willing to come out and prepare food, wait on the tables, and clean up afterwards. There will be plenty of opportunities for fun too! So, sign up to serve! Maybe even invite your small group of guys to sign up with you! Sam Dobrotka, from our High School Ministry Team, is organizing all of our high school guy volunteers. Send him a text and let him know he can count on you to be there: 724-480-6512