Find Your Voice Sessions

Basic Principles of Vocal Technique
Marcus Gresham

Learn the basic anatomy and function of the Voice. This practical application of knowledge is illustrated and allows you to achieve a greater outcome with your voice.

Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham

Learn the importance of correct breathing, how to do incorporate that correct technique of good breathing into your singing and speaking.

Choral and Group Blending
Marcus Gresham

If you ever wanted to know how to effectively blend voice parts ranging from a Choir to small ensemble or 2 to 3 frontline people, this session is for you. Helpful tools will be demonstrated so that you understand how to blend your groups.

Expanding Your Range
Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham

Learn how to increase your vocal range.

Marcus Gresham

Learn what it takes to keep from going ‘flat’ or ‘sharp’ when you are singing.

Learning and Practicing a Song 
Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham, Brad Lebakken

Find out the necessary and practical steps you should consider doing when learning and practicing a song. An actual process of learning a song will be modeled in this session.

Live Demos of Singing
Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham, Brad Lebakken

In this session, you will witness live demonstrations of conference registrants singing. The demos will highlight effective moments realized as well as good feedback for overall improvement.

Pacing the Voice for Singing
Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham 

Learn the importance of pacing your voice to specifically avoid overusing it or not having enough ‘gas in the tank’ for the task at hand. 

Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham

What does good posture look like for the Worshiper who is singing or even playing while singing? Come to this session to experience first-hand exercises and the importance of good posture. 

Private One-Hour Voice Lesson ($20)
Christi Bovee

For a nominal fee of $20, register to have the option of experiencing a personal 1hr Voice Lesson with a Vocal Clinician.

**NOTE: ONLY “10 LESSONS” will be given for the entire conference**

Vocal Health and Management
Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham

In this session, you will understand the importance of maintaining proper Vocal Health. We will discuss good and bad food regimen, exercise, and rest. We will also offer information for valuable products and resources pertinent to good vocal health.

Christi Bovee, Marcus Gresham

Learn what ‘vocalizing’ really is, and why it is necessary to having a strong, healthy, and communicative voice. You will have chance to interact and learn exercises that will help your overall singing or speaking ability.

Vocal Projection for Speakers
Ed Sciulli

This track teaches you how not to mumble to win friends and influence people. You will also learn the importance of pacing your voice when speaking in front of others.


Rev. Marcus Gresham, BM, MA
Executive Worship Pastor
412-741-4900, ext. 147

Brad Lebakken, BA, MA
Worship Pastor
412-741-4900, ext. 123