Current Series – Christ Church at Grove Farm

Current Series

It is a paradox; an upending of the way the powers of this world operate. Jesus came to establish it. His life and death and life again, His story and the stories He told were all purposed towards its establishment here on earth, as it is in heaven, and in the hearts of all humankind. 

It is the chief purpose of the Christian life: the only significant enterprise worthy of one who follows the Way. It is the harmonization of the will of the Creator with the creation.

It cannot be organized or codified. It is not the property or product of any institution or 5 year plan. It is wild. It is organic. It grows. It is secretive and yet at hand and yet still to come. 

It is the Kingdom of God. 

And it’s like this…

september 13

The Hidden Treasure
Matthew 13:44-46
Rev. Craig Gyergyo

september 20

Household Treasure
Matthew 13:47-52
Rev. Craig Gyergyo

september 27

Mustard Seed
Romans 4: 4-5
Rev. Dr. Ed Glover

October 4

Sprouting Seed
Mark 4:26-29
Guest Preacher: Matt Geppert

october 11

Vineyard Laborers
Matthew 20:1-16
Rev. Craig Gyergyo

october 18

Matthew 25: 14-30
Rev. Craig Gyergyo

october 25

Ten Virgins
Matthew 25:1-13
Guest Preacher: Jason Burtt