No other season sounds like Christmas because no other season brings out the music like Christmas.

As much as anything else, its the music of Christmas that transports us from the mundane meandering of daily life to the winter wonderland that warms the heart.

The music of the season not only moves us to wonder; it binds us together in scripture and truth in a way nothing else can. 

From the longing for a messiah in O Come O Come Emmanuel

To the sweet stillness of Silent Night

And the joy triumphant as the angels declare Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Its the music that carries our souls to the light of Christ as it shines anew and turns the darkness to glad tidings of joy.

So come. You are invited to join us this Advent season as we light the candles, read the scriptures and sing the songs the season brings to celebrate again that babe born of a virgin who would be our way back to the light.