Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening Christian Education at Christ Church

Sunday Mornings

8:45 am

Christianity, Science, Philosophy, Theology, History, and the Wisdom of God
With Nate Glover, Classroom 102. Starts 9/9.

How People Change
Beginning Sunday, September 9, 8:30 am in Classroom 102. Registration required. The Gospel of Jesus Christ promises a changed heart. But so many of us are stuck. We make sinful choices again and again. We’re trapped by repetitive selfish behaviors. Scripture would tell us that change is a process, not an event. When the Bible talks about the gift of a new heart, it promises a heart that is capable of being changed. How People Change targets the root of a person – the heart. Contact: Pat Blauth, 412-741-4900, ext. 162. Facilitated by Pastor Barry Mariana, Pat Blauth and Don Bishop.
To register, CLICK HERE.

The Barnyard (K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3

10:00 am

The Art of Parenting
With Mike and Beth Ehms, Classroom 102. Starts 9/9.

College & Career Group.Classroom 101. MORE INFO

Breakfast Club (High School). The Barn. Starts 9/16. MORE INFO

Intro to Middle School for 6th grade students. One day only. August 26. Student Center.

AMPED (Middle School). Student Center. Starts 9/9. MORE INFO

The Barnyard (K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3. MORE INFO

11:15 am

45Live (4th & 5th Grade), Kids’ Ministry Center. Starts 9/9. MORE INFO

Helping Hearts. 
For Special Needs Children, Kids' Ministry Center. By appointment.

Small Group Education(K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3. MORE INFO

Wednesday Evenings

Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey
Starts September 5. Wednesday Evenings // 6:30 pm // Fellowship Hall
What if you knew where all your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing, and making wise spending decisions? YOU CAN take control of your money and start planning the future! ]Cost is $95 per family. Registration is required. For more information, visit To sign up: Sheril Wilson, 412-370-0684 or

Apologetics: Defining and Defending your Faith
Starts September 5. Wednesday Evenings // 6:30 pm // Classroom 101
We live in an age where the Bible and the Christian Faith are under constant attack. Yet in the face of so much opposition, God commands us in 1 Peter 3:15 to make Christ the Lord of our hearts and to always be ready to give a defense of this hope. In this ten-week course we will learn how to biblically define and defend our faith in a fun, interactive, and casual environment. The purpose is to equip believers to defend our faith in our communities, work places, schools, and anywhere else the Lord opens opportunity for you to give a reason for the hope that is within you. We will learn how to speak the Truth in love and respect without changing or watering down Gods’ Word. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, love Gods Word, and desire to learn how to defend your faith then this class is for you! For questions please contact Ron Kauffman at 412-915-1009 or

Parenting Class with Pastor Jamie Kendrew
Starts September 5 //6:30 pm 

Kids’ Programs
(Preschool - 3rd grade) 6:30 pm, Kids’ Ministry Center. Starts 9/5.
45Live (4th & 5th Grade) 6:30 pm, Kids’ Ministry Center. Starts 9/5.
Middle School AMPED 6:30 pm, Student Center. Starts 9/5.

MOPS @Nite
Starts September 5 // 6:30 pm // Wilson Hall Cry Room. 

Christian Education