Blended/Traditional Service 

Sunday School for K - 5th grade  
Age 5 - 5th grade, Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for infant - age 4
Kids' Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Education Hour 

Parenting Through a Minefield 
with Jason and Bridget Goetz in Classroom 101.Why don’t kids come with Instruction Manuals? What am I supposed to do when they don’t listen to me? Why is raising children so difficult? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions - you aren’t alone!! We believe that God has made every child unique, but that He also supplied the ultimate guidebook that applies to raising all children - the Bible. Come join us as we explore, study and discuss the foundational principles for raising children of all ages.

Bible, Doctrine and Church History with Holly Campbell & Dick Jenkins in Fellowship Hall
This class is designed for Christians who want to gain a deeper understanding what they believe and why they believe it. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn. Each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) features a video teaching series from Ligonier Ministries. The typical class begins by viewing a 23 minute video followed by lecture and discussion. The teaching series cover a range of subjects including Bible, Doctrine, Church History and Apologetics. Specific topics for Fall study will be announced soon.

Knowing Jesus with Mike Davis and crew
in Classroom 102. Are you ready to start a journey? A journey through the pages of the Bible and the pages of your life. The purpose is straightforward: To know Jesus more intimately, to love Jesus more passionately, and to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

Sunday School For K-5th grade. Kids' Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 4. Kids' Ministry Center. MORE INFO

AMPED Middle School . Youth Center.  MORE INFO

High School Breakfast Club. The Barn.  MORE INFO

College & Career Group. The Farmhouse. MORE INFO

Modern Service 

Sunday School for K - 5th Grade
Kids’ Ministry Center.  MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 4
Kids' Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Wednesday Evenings

For Wednesday evening programs:  CLICK HERE

Sunday Morning Programs