Sunday Mornings

8:45 am

Against the Flow: The Prophet Daniel’s Clash With Relativism 
Fellowship Hall
This is six week study in the narrative sections of The Book of Daniel, using a recent commentary written by John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. I hope to capture some video clips of his animated lectures so that we can feel the energy of this bristling world view study. Not only did Daniel live in the top echelons of a culture that was hostile to biblical religion, but he maintained public engagement with it, in the most triumphant of ways. Which worldview is true? Biblical theism with its supernatural dimension or naturalism which denies the possibility of miracles?
Teacher:  Holly Campbell

The Barnyard (K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3.

10:00 am

Goliath Must Fall, Classroom 102.
It’s likely you have a threatening giant in your life . . . an adversary or stronghold that’s diminishing your ability to live a full and free life. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, comfort, or addiction, you’ve lost sight of the promise God has for your life. Demoralized and defeated, you’ve settled for far less than his best.
Teachers:  Rev. Dr. Dave Brewer and Dan Thompson

Believer’s Bible Study, Farmhouse. 
An ongoing study of the Bible, Old & New Testaments, and topics will vary. Lecture with interactive discussion. Study of scripture will be threefold: 1) Its message to each of us personally; 2) its message to the original audience & culture, 3) its message for current and future generations.Bible, and additional materials for taking notes if desired. For adults of all ages, from beginners to longtime participants in the study of God’s Word.
Teacher:  Richard Curtis

College & Career Group.Classroom 101. MORE INFO

Breakfast Club (High School). The Barn. MORE INFO

AMPED (Middle School). Student Center. MORE INFO

The Barnyard (K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3. MORE INFO

11:15 am

Parables of Jesus, Fellowship Hall. 
Of the approximately 50 parables of Jesus in the Gospels, we’ll study eight of the most well known, beginning with the “Parable of the Sower” in Matthew 13:1-23. We meet for study and discussion in the Fellowship Hall downstairs starting Sunday, January 14 at 11:15. Bibles will be available, or better yet, bring yours (No book to order or purchase).
Teacher:  Bruce Schlenke

Living Grounded, Classroom 102. 
Living Grounded will help you to embrace the foundational truths of the Christian Faith. What is a disciple? One who listens, believes and obeys. What is discipleship? The process by which believers grow and are equipped to become more like Christ. Who is discipleship for? All believers.
Teacher:  Bob Mason

45Live (4th & 5th Grade), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Helping Hearts. For Special Needs Children, Kids' Ministry Center. 

Small Group Education(K-5), Kids’ Ministry Center. MORE INFO

Childcare for Infant - Age 3. MORE INFO

Christian Education