For nearly thirty years, Christi Bovee has been helping actors, speakers, singers, educators, and advocates find their best voice. Using her proprietary Functional Voice Coaching™ method, Christi's clients get massive impact not only in their voices but in their daily lives. 

Because of her work, Christi has become a specialist in the area of stage fright and performance anxiety as it relates to the human voice. After working with hundreds and hundreds of vocalists who struggle with fear issues, she has found that the norm is for vocalists to make meaning out of bad past experiences as well as negative opinions and lies they've heard their entire lives. Christi's mission is to help her clients break through those barriers that keep the voice small, assisting the client to view their fears as their greatest asset. Clients are set free to 'play big' in the world and walk into all that God has for them as vocalists and people.

Christi attended the University of Colorado as an Opera Major, and also the University of Miami for Studio Music and Vocal Jazz Performance. She continues to work as a professional singer, voice over actor, lecturer and worship leader and has a YouTube channel where she offers advice, education and training. She is also a passionate mama to four amazing adult humans, wife to a talented professional musician, lover of people, deep conversation and artistic hearts.