International Missionary Support Program

Please pray for the CCGF supported missionaries and consider supporting them financially.

Christ Church is a mission minded church. In the past, Christ Church has been engaged in international mission work with a 10-year commitment in Uganda, our youth have also been involved in the Bahamas and Jamaica. We are currently partnered with food for the hungry in the Dominican Republic. The exposure of international missions to both the adults and the youth at Christ Church has given members of our congregation a desire to be a part of the Great Commission, to spread Christ to all the nations of the world. International mission work changes your perspective and mobilizes individuals to engage. For some that will be with prayer and giving and for others it will be to serve internationally. We take the Great Commission seriously, and we want to support our congregation members that are called by God to spread the Good news of Christ to not only Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, but to the ends of the earth.

There are a few guidelines that can be found in the International missionary support policy. You must be a member of Christ Church, we would like to see a minimum 2-year commitment from the missionary, and you need to be working with a missionary sending organization. There is also an application, interview and a vetting process that needs to be followed. For more information please contact Kathy Klein, missions coordinator-

Supported Missionary: Evan Easom - Japan

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Evan Easom has been called by God to work in youth ministry in Japan to bring the good news of Christ to this unreached country. Evan will be working with SEND International as a career missionary beginning in June 2017. He is a member of Christ Church and is currently involved in the CCGF high school ministry. God deserves the worship of every person, including every Japanese. For his glory, Evan is preparing to go and make his name known and share the good news of his great love for all people. Please pray for Evan as he makes a bold commitment in Japan as a career missionary and consider becoming a part of his ministry.



Supported Missionary: Bethany Kubias - Dominican Republic

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Bethany was raised attending Christ Church. She first got her heart to work as an international missionary when on youth mission trips to the Bahamas. Bethany is working with our Encounter Dominican Partnership with “Food for the Hungry”. She will be developing a program for special needs children and their families in the Dominican and in Haiti. She is a nurse that specializes in special needs. Her commitment began in March 2017 and is for 6 months with the option to extend. Please pray for Bethany as God uses her to change lives.

Support: You can financially support Bethany through Christ Church. Make checks payable to Christ Church with Bethany Kubius in the memo line.

Bethany's Blog: