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Care & Counseling

Pastoral Life

Pastoral Life at Christ Church encompasses a number of exceptional ministries, each led and facilitated by lay volunteer servant leaders. These ministries, along with a brief description and leader contact information, are provided on the sidebar to the right and below.

Counseling is a natural, core ministry at Christ Church at Grove Farm. Our intent is to offer a safe, non-threatening place for individuals and couples to come and share their story, while providing care and wise counsel, in a non-judgmental, grace-filled context. We seek to counsel in a manner which assists our counselees to embrace a deeper understanding of God’s perspective upon their life through the lens of Scripture and apply Biblical truth to their day-to-day lives. God’s Word is relevant to our struggles …

Another priority of our Pastoral Life Department is Pastoral Visitation. When we are made aware of forthcoming surgeries, hospitalizations, or those who may be homebound, we seek to provide timely, empathetic, Christ-like care to each individual. In addition, we seek to provide pastoral support via follow-up contact with those recovering from surgeries, illnesses and loss.

We also assist loved ones with respect to funeral or memorial service planning. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Pastoral Life Coordinators:  Pastor Barry Mariana or  Debbie Huffmyer, should you have a forthcoming surgery, pastoral need, concern or to schedule a counseling appointment with us.

Be assured that confidentiality is strictly upheld with respect to our Pastoral Life ministry here at Christ Church at Grove Farm.


Pastor Barry Mariana
Pastoral Life Pastor
412-741-4900 ext. 115

Rev. Doug Raraigh
Pastoral Life Assistant Pastor
412-741-4900 ext. 159

Debbie Huffmyer
Pastoral Life Coordinator
412-741-4900 ext. 143



Care & Support Ministries

(In alphabetical order)

Advocates for Life:  Advocates For Life is a ministry which seeks to rescue babies through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those serving go directly to places where we know voiceless babies’ lives are being imminently threatened. This mission on behalf of the unborn is accomplished by standing on the sidewalks outside of abortion clinics and lovingly confronting mothers, fathers, employees and other individuals who are complicit with respect to abortions.For more information regarding our Advocates for Life Ministry, please contact Caleb Falbo at 412-378-3479 or . Caleb will be happy to answer your questions and inform you regarding Advocates for Life prerequisites, expectations and training. To sign up for a time slot or to sign up to pray:  Advocates for Life Sidewalk and Prayer Sign up Sheet

CaringMeals Ministry:  Provides meals to Christ Church members following surgery, illness, or the birth of a child. We are always in need of people willing to cook a meal. Contact:  Kathie Mariana, 412-200-0317 or

Counseling:  Christ Church staff are available to counsel and assist members at various important stages in their lives including pre-marital counseling, baptism preparation, marriage counseling, and the grieving process. To set up a counseling session with any of the pastors, contact:  Rev. Barry Mariana, 412-741-4900, ext. 115.

DivorceCare:  Monday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Farmhouse for those suffering through a divorce or separation. Currently meeting via Zoom.
Contact:  Susan Dwyer, 724-242-0939. MORE INFO

Griefshare:  Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Farmhouse for those grieving a loss in their life. Currently meeting via Zoom. Come at any time! Questions or more information contact, Ed Santavicca 412-559-1168. MORE INFO

Pastoral Visitation:  Hospital and home visits and additional support for church members and their families. We are here to help in your time of need. Contact:  Rev. Barry Mariana, 412-741-4900, ext. 115 or Pastor Doug Raraigh, ext. 159.

Knit Wits:  A fellowship for knitters and compassionate care through prayer shawl gifts. We knit prayer shawls and blankets to be given to those ill, hospitalized and new mothers. “Knitting Sittings” every Tuesday. 12-2 pm in the Farmhouse Great Room. Yarn provided. Contact:  Terri Bodnar, 724-612-7108,

Prayer Team:  Teams of two are stationed at the prayer rails following Sunday services to pray for anyone in need.
9:00 am Service Contact:  Ron Shay, 412-264-1488.
11:15 am Service Contact: Louise Pickett,

Serving Our Sentinels:  Assists veterans & their families who have fallen through the cracks or just fallen on hard times. Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Cry Room at Christ Church and always welcome new members. Please join us anytime! Contact: Doug & Bea Miller,

Recovery Support Ministry:  Whether recovery is new to you, or you’ve been there before, Christ Church’s Recovery Support Ministry strengthens your faith through Bible-based discussion following a 12-step program. Our Recovery Support Ministry is open to those seeking guidance and support for alcohol and drug dependency and addiction. Let’s walk along the road to recovery together. Monday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30 pm in the Barn beginning September 9, 2019. Contact:  Marcia Bondi at / 412-417-0026 or or Eileen Granata / 412-952-6671. MORE INFO

Women’s Cancer Connection: A support group for women who are cancer survivors, presently undergoing treatment or recently diagnosed. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month, 6:30 -8:30 pm, in Fellowship Hall. Contact Bernice Masters: 412-443-8451.


Marilyn LeDonne, August 20, 2020:  Robert LeDonne’s wife

Jon Osman 7-29-20:  Laura Osman’s husband

Joyce Hartz 7-21-20: Mike (Sara) Badami’s aunt

Donald Keller 7-15-20: Mary Louise Kellar’s husband

Wolfgang Rhimland 7-9-20: Randy (Jennifer) Rhimland’s father

William Metcalf 7-8-20: Anne Metcalf’s son

George Cummins 7-1-20: Gerri Cummins husband

Christine Robinson 6-25-20: Ken (Mary) Schlentner’s sister

Billy Forsman 6-24-20: Annette (Gary) Edward’s brother

Christine Carger 6-14-20: Janette (Rob) Knittel’s mom

Mille Green 6-4-20:  Fred and Ron Kummer’s sister

Joan Bope 5-27-20:  Janet McCloskey’s mom

Doris Cacciatore 5-14-20:  Beverly Lapic’s mom

Ellen Little 5-10-20:  Vickie Lebakken’s grandmother

Martha Smith 5-4-20:  Wayne Smith’s wife

Eveline (Betty) English 4-21-20:  John and BeBe (Roebina)English’s son

Ronald Siner 3-14-20:  Holly and Kim Siner’s son/brother

Matthew Tyson 3-12-20:  Sue Paton and Ray (Catherine) Tyson’s son

Lucy Rocco 3/8/2020:  Nancy Morgano’s mom

Robert Fox 3-4-20:  Ron Fox’s dad

Christine Losos 2-27-20:  Frank Losos’ wife

Linda Drane 2-22-20:  Leslie Trosky’s sister

Ruth McDonald 2-10-20:  Kathy Bevan’s mom

Christopher Deluca 1-26-20

Mark Haluska 1-28-20:  Vesta Milne’s son

Raymond Berry 1-17-20:  Holly Anderson’s dad

Nik Kim 1-15-20: Debbie and Frank Beraduci’s son

Virginia Gaffney 1-9-20: Richard Gaffney’s mom

Dawn Nichol 1-1-20: Jaci Reefer’s mom