Rev. Dr. David Brewer

Breakout Session:  We Don't Live In Kansas Anymore. Cultural Threats to the Family/Vaccinating Your Kids Against Culture/Social Media, Etc.

Today the culture threatens our kids and our families in many destructive ways: through social media, the internet, cultural distortions, universities, etc. You will learn about these dangers, how to fight them, and ways to vaccinate kids against them by teaching biblical wisdom, critical thinking, etc. so they develop discernment, moral courage, and strong families.

Matt Geppert

Breakout Session:  Spiritual Maturity - Breaking the Demons That Haunt You

Global currency investigators do not spend their time studying fraudulent currency. They are not interested in fake money! Their time is spent studying the true currency so that any time a fake note tries to get by them they can identify it right away and call the authorities. The same is true for men today as we wrestle with demonic forces that haunt us like drug abuse, alcohol, violence, and pornography. Let's understand those demons and how they operate within our home, work, and culture by first learning the truth we have in Jesus and a simple process of breakthrough that will keep us on track.

Rev. Jamie Kendrew

Breakout Session:  How to Be a Father Without a Good Example

Growing up without a father, I was always concerned how I would ever be able to be a father when I did not have an example or a father to turn to. Thankfully God always provides, and even for those of us without fathers we do have a place to look. The question is, are we looking in the right direction?

Brady Novotny

Breakout Session:  Sexual Integrity

This session is designed to help men to walk in sexual wholeness in all areas of life - physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. We will discuss the following topics:  lust, porn, masturbation, and purpose of sex. This session will be respectful, but not sugar-coated. Since I am a certified sex therapist, questions pertaining to this very difficult topic are welcome. 

Rev. Dr. Jared Ott

Breakout Session:  Being a Strong Husband/Father in the Home.

We all have priorities in life. We have priorities in our families, in our workplaces, in our schools, in our finances, in our health, in our leisurely activities, and many others. While these priorities are healthy and necessary, they all compete for our time. Often times men will put certain priorities over the other, focusing on one more than another, and the result is failure in other areas of life. In this session, we will focus on setting margins and boundaries in our lives to make sure our priorities are in the right order so that we can be healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.

David Sadd

Breakout Session:  Fathering a Child with Special Needs

The Bible teaches that personhood is a gift from God and not a problem, or something to be accomplished. Fathering special needs kids both tests and demonstrates this in beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching ways. As a father of two teenage sons with autism, I want to share the beauty of God’s plan for redemption and new life as you father children of differing capabilities into the glory that God has for them.

Jay Simon

Breakout Session:  For God’s Sake, Be a Man! Integrity In Today’s World…

In this interview-style format, Jay will personalize his keys to success and enlighten the audience with how he used his spiritual gifts to birth, maintain and build the Big C Men’s Breakfast, POPS Men’s Group and The Simon Group of Hefren-Tillotson. There is much wisdom to be gained from Jay’s experiences. Kris Rodgers will be the emcee. Kris is an Associate Advisor with The Simon Group of Hefren-Tillotson and Jay’s “right hand man”.

Rev. Dr. Jeff Stivason 

Breakout Session:  Mentoring and Being Mentored

Sometimes God calls us to do the unexpected. Has God called you to be an influence in another man's life? Maybe it's your son, son-in-law, or someone from the church. Are your ready? Are you up to the task? This session is designed to help you understand your role as a mentor, be a positive spiritual influence for change in the life of a mentee, and what to expect from the mentee.