The Barn at CCGF is currently undergoing a large, mostly interior renovation. We will be removing and building walls, removing and updating the food prep area, installing luan over the insulation in the open ceiling, putting down a new floor, hanging cabinets, painting, etc. We are hoping to primarily do the renovations in house with volunteer help from the church to save costs. The floor will be done by a contractor so to have the full warranty available. Hopefully, with enough help, we can accomplish all this in 4-5 weeks. 

We have been working on the details of this project for about 3 years. Blue prints are drawn, most details are in place. Flooring materials and cabinets, etc. are being ordered. 

Brett Christman (412.680.0857) has volunteered to be the coordinator of the job.
Jim Britsch (412.680.6575) has volunteered to coordinate all the electrical work needing done. Jim West (412.761.1648) has volunteered to coordinate plumbing work. 

I am putting together a list of people (Male or Female) that are capable individuals willing to help. Demolition will begin on Friday morning, Feb 23 with wall removal, kitchen demolition, emptying of the entire barn and straightening out the front of the building by moving out the entrance. 

Would you please prayerfully consider if you may be able to help with this project at the church. It will involve a strong commitment for up to 5 weeks. (Hopefully less). Work will be able to happen most days or evenings as we will have a signup sheet for everyone to access. Effective communication all around will be essential to a successful smooth operating project. We need both skilled and unskilled people to do this. If you have other people in mind that may be a good fit for this, please talk with them and invite them to join us.

Please let us know if you are interested and if you have specific skills which you can use to further the project. Please send your name, email and a good contact phone number to: or . Also, any specific skills you may have and dates you can work. 

See work schedule below.

Barn Renovation Project Calendar

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