Welcome to the Advent Season - a period that commemorates God's people waiting for the arrival their messiah, Jesus who is the Christ, and also marks the waiting for Christ's return. The Advent season culminates in the celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day and is often a time in the liturgical calendar to reflect on God, God's promises and the many themes and symbols that accompany the season. 

Below you will find a daily devotional that you can use during this advent season. Each day has a specific theme, reflection, scripture verse and a prayer to help you focus on God's love and promises. As with many devotionals, the point is not to tell you something, but rather for you see what comes up in you as you read each day's entry. You can then carry that with you throughout the days and weeks of advent, paying attention to what God is stirring inside of you. Each of the daily prayers are open ended so that you can add to them as God leads you. Therefore, it may be beneficial to have a journal ready to record and reflect on the things God brings to you during this season. 

Welcome Advent people, we are glad to have you with us.

Advent Devotional
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