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About our church

Welcome to Christ Church at Grove Farm! We’re so glad you’ve taken the time to visit our website, and we would like to invite you to visit one of our services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone (412-741-4900) , or email (, or just stop in to see us during the week, or on Sunday mornings. We are always happy to help answer questions, or to show you around. We want you to feel at home here at Christ Church and we would love for you to be part of our family. God bless you!

Who We Are

Our heritage in the Anglican tradition provides the firm foundation from which we reach our world with the timeless truths of the Gospel. Christ Church at Grove Farm is a church with traditional values – tested by time and based on scripture, our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

We are a non-denominational evangelical church worshiping in the Anglican tradition. Our beliefs are summarized in the 39 Articles of Religion listed in the Book of Common Prayer.

This is who we are. This is the nature of our church and the foundation on which we have grown and been blessed over the years.

As a family-focused church, we offer something for everyone—“from age one to 101,” as we like to say.

Our 42-acre campus allows us to offer activities for the whole family. Our basketball court and fishing pond provide places for outdoor fun. Inside, we have two worship spaces, the Sanctuary and Wilson Hall. The Sanctuary offers ample seating in a traditional setting, while Wilson Hall features chairs that can be moved to accommodate different needs. The Lakeside Café, located inside our lobby, features a food service area and tables and chairs in a restaurant-style setting. The Barn, the Fellowship Hall, and the Farmhouse Great Room offer meeting and fellowship space, while the Children’s Rally Room and the Student Worship Space accommodate indoor fun.

Our Vision:

To call our World to Christ.

Our Mission:

To make disciples who share Christ with their world.

Our Crest:

The cross with the Greek letters Chi Rho for Christ, is the centerpiece forming four quadrants. The top left is the Holy Bible, God’s Word.The top right is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The three lions in the lower left signify our Anglican roots. The lower right shows a dove, the Holy Spirit, over the Golden Triangle with the Ohio River flowing to the foot of the cross. At the top of the cross is the crown of the King of Kings and to the sides are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Our History

Founded in 1995, the first Christ Church service was held in the ballroom of the Sewickley Country Inn on July 23 of that year, with 200 founding members in attendance. Most of the founders came from St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Sewickley and worshiped as part of the Anglican Communion in theology and worship style, although not in agreement with the direction being taken by the Episcopal Church of the USA. The Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh provided Rev. Cal Gardner as an interim pastor until Christ Church – at that time called the New Church of Sewickley - was able to call its own pastor.

In October 1995, Christ Church called Rev. Dr. John Guest to be Rector and Senior Pastor. An Anglican Priest originally from the UK who had at one time been the Rector of St. Stephens, Dr. Guest had stepped down from parish ministry in 1987 in order to concentrate on national and international evangelism. When he agreed to take the position at Christ Church, the founders felt they were welcoming back an old friend. Also in October, the church agreed to purchase property at Grove Farm, hence the name Christ Church at Grove Farm (CCGF). The 46-acre site included a two-acre lake, a farmhouse, barn, and several other buildings.

By June 1996, the church had raised $1.9 million in gifts and pledges, and began construction of the original sanctuary, dedicated in July 1997. CCGF now had a permanent place to worship and could operate seven days a week. Additional staff members were hired and attendance more than doubled. Since that time, the church has continued to grow in membership, ministry, and buildings.

Due to this growth, a new, larger sanctuary building was added to the existing building.  It was dedicated on April 30, 2006. Then in April of 2009, the original Sanctuary was reopened for the start of a third worship service that has a more modern, rock-driven, multimedia-heavy feel. Aptly named "Third Service," that service grew quickly and added an additional time slot on Sundays. On July 23, 2010, CCGF celebrated its 15th anniversary, and this year we celebrate 20 years! We look forward to all that God still has for us and his kingdom!

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